Salaries: what are you worth and how do you know?

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How to Negotiate a Salary: 30+ Tips and Examples

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2. Compare Industry Salaries

Business : What should I pay? Individuals : What am I worth? The BLS website breaks down salary data by the Metropolitan Statistical Areas, so check there to see the average pay in your city.

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If your manager assigns you a wealth of responsibilities, clearly he or she values you as an employee, and trusts that you can get things done. Consider awards, on-the-job training and courses taken. Any achievements that lead to concrete results, such as increased sales or reduced expenses or turnover, will increase your value, Taylor says.

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  6. How to Set Salaries.
  7. Are you a good manager or team leader? Do you know how to motivate others?

    3 Ways to Tell If You’re Being Paid What You’re Worth

    Do you communicate and present well? Are you upbeat? If you're a great confidante to your boss and can role model upbeat, motivational leadership; that can be worth its weight in gold. Think about your level of contribution and accomplishments. Teach agrees. Discuss salary with other professionals in your industry. Tap mentors in the industry and ask them for their advice and feedback on what a fair compensation package would be, given your personal work and education history, as well as the location of the job and company, Zupan says.

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    While talking salary is historically taboo, you may be surprised how open trusted colleagues are when it comes to sharing salary, she adds. Even if colleagues are hesitant to provide some specifics around compensation, they may offer some valuable insight on the topic.

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    The key is to do it as discreetly as possible. Pick one co-worker whom you trust and is in-the-know and swear them to secrecy. Taylor suggests you ask salary questions through social media, using a general name.