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Real adventure trips for schools

The cool temperatures at the altitude along with the cover of the evergreen forest is a perfect way to chill out and refresh after the long journey to Thailand. In the evening, we complete the first day trip with a comfortable place in Hill Tribe Village to get a deeper understanding of authentic culture and learn about the Hmong ethnic minority group of Asia including cultures, traditions, traditional hand-woven costumes, food, and games.

It is about 7km in length and finishing off at the Huay Tung Tao Reservoir, which is a large lake with bamboo huts to relax when overlooking the mountains of Doi Pui. Therefore, this destination attracts a lot of people to come and see breathtaking sceneries.

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Upon arrival at the Reservoir, students will have the opportunity to enjoy local cuisines on floating local Thai style huts and witness stunning views across the lake. In the late afternoon, we arrive at our main camp location where we will settle into our dorm-style accommodation for the night. The architecture and ornament in the Chiang Dao temple complex are unique features with blue and white decorative schemes.

After that, we will ascend up and over Thailand the third tallest mountain with stunning limestone cliffs. In the afternoon, we will arrive at the valley floor to have lunch. Then, you have an opportunity to explore Taam Khi Mee with marvelous cave formations including stalactites, stalagmites, columns, curtains, caverns and much more! It is a great chance to learn about the geology and geography of the Chiang Mai region.

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Wake up in the early morning, students will be served a refreshing breakfast to get ready for our trip. Over the next 3 days, our rafting adventure on the Mae Taeng river will get exciting mostly because we spend our time exploring 17km of whitewater. Moreover, on the way to the Mae Taeng River, students can see stunning views surrounding the Northern Thai countryside with quiet villages nestled in the forested mountains. When we reach the camp, river guides will offer guidance about river safety and some basic paddling techniques for students to prepare for the upcoming ride.

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It is an awesome chance for students to practice their whitewater paddling skills as well as developing a sense of enjoyment. After that, we will enjoy lunch and have a short break at a Lahu Hill Tribe Village.


In our second hill tribe village, students have ample opportunity to learn about their different cultures, customs, history of Thailand. After delicious breakfast and a warming hot chocolate, we will embark on our second day of Rafting. Students will have a chance to explore the diverse and dense jungle of Mae Taeng area because this place offers an intimate glimpse to the natural life of the Asian Elephant.

In the lunchtime, after having delicious lunch, we will transfer to a remote Elephant Camp where students can learn about the history of elephants in Thailand as well as its abolishment and the establishment of different types of elephant tourism.

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At this camp, students will observe the animals in the remote location in the natural habitat, as well as feed them and wash them in the river. Absolutely, this is an amazing experience for students. At the end of this day, we will arrive back at our main camp where we will have a delicious dinner and overnight accommodation. Today is our final day of whitewater rafting. Wake up early and enjoy a refreshing breakfast before spending 3 hours on the most exciting whitewater in Thailand.

This rafting trip will conclude the rafting portion of the trip, and then arriving back at Camp for lunch. After lunch, it takes about 3 hours to transfer to a National Park Forestry Center, which is the most reputable mainland national park destination in South Thailand with a great diversity of plants and wildlife. Most importantly, this has undoubtedly some of the best views — best appreciated at sunset and sunrise. From the cabins that we stay in, views across the entire Chiang Dao area, which is the third highest mountain in Thailand.

The village is a picturesque religion and covered by fog most of the year. After our stunning sunrise across Chiang Dao followed by breakfast, we will prepare our departure for our full-day trek. Students will have ample opportunity to explore the hill tribe cultures of Northern Thailand and interact with the Karen, Hmong, Palong, and Akha tribes in a respectful way.

Approximately 10 km in the total distance this trek snakes up the ridge raising meters in the first 3 km. The reward after this 3 km is being at the regional peak — Doi Sam Liem. From here the next 6km traverse down to where we will be spending the evening.

The trek passes through both subsistence fruit and vegetable farms, coffee plantations, bamboo forests and the thickest of jungles. The evening will be spent with a walking village tour, which provides insight into another hill tribe village. After dinner, local children often appear dressed in vibrant traditional clothing and tell stories of their heritage passed down in song. It is one of the most unique features of Thailand in these remote villages. After scrumptious breakfast, we will continue our trek down the mountain. If students have a passion for natural beauty, they will have a chance to immerse themselves in a spectacular sea-of-fog that fills up the valley floor below in the early part of the morning.

It is about 8 km in length this portion descends a total of meters passing 4 waterfalls — some of which are possible to swim. It is a fantastic way to chill out and unwind. After hiking, we arrive back at Camp for lunch and a relaxed afternoon. This evening we will stay at the hotel and enjoy the fire roasting marshmallows. How interesting it is! After breakfast, we will transfer to Wat Baan Din.

Staying on the Camp with David and his team is an educational roller coaster ride of fun and adventure. Camp life is filled with character building experiences, sure to create memories that will last forever. David, company director, and your English teacher and instructor, is dedicated to a methodology which ensures natural and spontaneous learning.

The JLA structure ensures unlimited practice and constant encouragement, to help you reach your goals in English. Learning English with us is fun and exciting. Jersey Language Adventure is a family run English School teaching English to students of all ages and abilities.


We offer an exceptional educational experience; students learn by combining English lessons with adventurous outdoor activities on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Your English Teacher.


Adventure Activities and Holidays on the Isle of Man

Your Outdoor Activities. The JLA Philosophy. By inspiring and engaging our students, we achieve great results.

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